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AcoustiFlex® SQ Technical Info

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  • Group 1 Fire Rating
  • Low cost, long lasting
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Low VOCs (Less than a recognised
    threshold of 0.5mg ‘Green Star’)
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • Available in different weights (other configurations available on request)
  • Environmentally safe (no protective wear required)
  • Proudly made in Australia


AcoustiFlex SQ flexible noise barrier and vibration damping material, has a soft and cellular structure which increases ‘Vibration Dampening’ and thus for a given weight and thickness will achieve a better STL (Sound Transmission Loss).

  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Standard Roll dimensions:

  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 27 = 1.3m x 5.4m
  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 29 = 1.3m x 4m
  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 31 = 1.3m x 2.5m


  • Highly effective in ceilings/roofs
  • against overhead aircraft noise and rain
  • Reduces external noise from traffic, trains and neighbours by treating wallsand ceilings
  • Contains internal noise within home theatres, entertainment areas and machinery rooms
  • Provides confidentiality and privacy in offices, meeting rooms, doctors and lawyers consulting rooms
  • Portable acoustic screens
  • Greatly reduces noise at construction sites when hung from an overhead structure or draped over temporary fencing to create an acoustic barrier
  • Can be used to reduce being transmitted into an automotive cabin.

Test Results

The transmission loss at the frequencies of 100 and 125 Hertz have been estimated as site conditions were not suitable for measurement at these frequencies

Test Sample Rw
 1 AcoustiFlex SQ 27 27
 2 AcoustiFlex SQ 29 29
 3 AcoustiFlex SQ 31 31

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