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AcoustiFlex® SQ Technical Info

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  • Group 1 Fire Rating
  • Low cost, long lasting
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Low VOCs (Less than a recognised
    threshold of 0.5mg ‘Green Star’)
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • Available in different weights (other configurations available on request)
  • Environmentally safe (no protective wear required)
  • Proudly made in Australia


AcoustiFlex SQ flexible noise barrier and vibration damping material, has a soft and cellular structure which increases ‘Vibration Dampening’ and thus for a given weight and thickness will achieve a better STL (Sound Transmission Loss).

  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Standard Roll dimensions:

  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 25 = 1.3m x 5.4m
  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 40 = 1.3m x 4m
  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 60 = 1.3m x 2.5m
  • AcoustiFlex® SQ 80 = 1.3m x 2.5m


  • Highly effective in ceilings/roofs
  • against overhead aircraft noise and rain
  • Reduces external noise from traffic, trains and neighbours by treating wallsand ceilings
  • Contains internal noise within home theatres, entertainment areas and machinery rooms
  • Provides confidentiality and privacy in offices, meeting rooms, doctors and lawyers consulting rooms
  • Portable acoustic screens
  • Greatly reduces noise at construction sites when hung from an overhead structure or draped over temporary fencing to create an acoustic barrier
  • Can be used to reduce being transmitted into an automotive cabin.

Test Results

ASTM E2249-02 – Standard test method for laboratory measurement of airborne transmission loss of building partitions and elements using sound intensity

ISO 15186-1:2000Acoustics-Measurement of sound insulation in building elements using sound intensity – Part 1: Laboratory measurements

ASTM E413-16Classification for rating sound insulation

ISO 717-1:2013Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements. Part 1: Airborne sound insulation

Document No. 009/REP/XI/2023

Test Sample Rw
 1 AcoustiFlex SQ 25 24
 2 AcoustiFlex SQ 40 28
 3 AcoustiFlex SQ 60 35
 4 AcoustiFlex SQ 80 36

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