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  • Provides well-being by letting you achieve a restful and peaceful sleep.
  •  Draught-free and super silent ventilation
  •  External noise is eliminated almost entirely
  • The new LCD display makes operation easy, from the infinitely variable air quantity control right up to the programmable timer
  • Different filters are available: dust, and active carbon.

Technical Specification

General Information


 Dimensions  467 x 270 x 132 
Weight  3.12kg 

Effective air movement 

(valid for 500mm long induction pipe of 80mm diameter) 

c.20-170 m3/hr 
Power consumption  5 watt at 60m3/hr 
Power Supply  240 volt A C/50Hz, 0.14 amps 
Protection Class  II all insulated 
Degree of Protection  IP 40 
Connecting cable(in storage compartment)  4.5m long 
Filter  Dust (as standard) 
Housing Material  ASA, dyed 
Technical Approval 

Z – 51.5 – 206 

Approval by German office 


AeroPac provides a solution that is already well-proven in numerous large construction projects. The AeroPac ventilator takes in outside air, removes engine emissions, absorbs airborne noise and silently provides a healthy supply of clean, fresh air. AeroPac can be used in a wide variety of applications such as residential, education, commercial and even industrial settings.

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