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AngelStep® 48P Technical Info

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  • Outstanding acoustic performance (up to AAAC 6 stars*)
  • High sound absorption
  • Water & chemical resistant
  • Will last the life of any floor material
  • Easy to install
  • Zero VOC’s, no emissions, non toxic
  • Nominal 8mm thickness
  • Australian designed & manufactured


  • Designed for a maximum traffic load of 65KN/m2 (approx. 6,500kg/m2)
  • Compressive strength at 10% deformation (EN 826) = 30.5 kPa
  • Dynamic stiffness (ISO 9052-1) = 95.59 MN/m³
  • Compressibility (EN 12431) = 0.1mm @ 50 kPa

VOC emissions tested by Cetec Pty Limited (CV080408) for chemical emission & is classified as low VOC.

VOC Concentration 0.01mg/m3

Acoustic Tapping Test

Acoustica’s product range of noise control solutions for flooring systems has been repeatedly independently tested to consistently achieve five and six stars in the Association of Australian Acoustic Consultants (AAAC) star rating system. However, results will vary depending on the construction, substrate and surface materials of each project.

Acoustica can refer you to a reputable acoustic consultant to conduct site specific testing* who will provide certification for each project site, prepared in accordance with the International Standard ISO 16283-1:2014 Acoustics — Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements — Part 1: Airborne sound insulation (refer ISO 140-7:1998).

There is a charge for this service*.


The BCA provides minimum construction standards for various building classes including acoustic privacy.

The BCA requirement is a weighted standardised impact sound pressure level with spectrum adaptation term Ci, of less than or equal to 62 Lnt,w+Ci.

However, the reality is that this is in most cases unacceptable to occupants and can result in the need for costly reparation works.

In response the Association of Australian Acoustic Consultants (AAAC) has developed the star rating system to rank the acoustical quality of apartments and provide guidance in the design and construction process.


AngelStep. 48P was primarily designed for carpet tiles & ceramic tiles. The combination of a noise barrier & sound-absorbent resilient layers tests both impact & airborne noise. This material is suitable and can also be installed under* solid timber floor, vinyl ‘klip’ planks and engineered timber floor.

Impact Isolation of floors (Lnt’w) AAAC Description

6 star


Just audible or not audible

5 star


Just audible

4 star



3 star


Clearly audible

2 star


Clearly audible



Clearly audible

Floor Impact Testing

In the test results, AngelStep® 48P – 8mm under ceramic tiles on a 6mm FC underlay was the best performing system in terms of floor impact noise improvement compared to the base floor installation, with improvements of up to 24 points in the L’nT,w rating.

Yarra Glen Rd, Healesville – Marshall Day, Ref: 002 2007125

Bare concrete: L’nT,w 59.
Second line; AngelStep® 48P with 6mm FC + 10mm ceramic tile: L’nT,w 35.

Acoustica are specialists in refining solutions to tune your project to achieve an optimal outcome. Please contact us for our custom and specialist solutions.

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