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  •  Improved Vibration Damping with microcellular noise barrier and solidfoam layer
  • Reduced Installation time – a result of the resilience and flexibility of the microcellular QuietWave® noise barrier and the special solid foam decoupling layer
  • Exceeds the acoustic requirements of The National Construction Code ofAustralia (NCC)
  • Tough and tear-resistant yet easily cut and shaped



  • GreenLAG® pipe lagging has a noise barrier with a microcellular structure.The flexible and cellular structure increases ‘Vibration Dampening’ and thus for a given weight and thickness will achieve a better STL (Sound Transmission Loss).
  •  A patented Visco-elastic acoustic barrier using the ‘QuietWave technology’
  • A 15mm or 25mm thick decoupling layer of acoustic foam
  • A specially designed foil for improved durability


  • GreenLAG – 18mm, 1.3 x 3m (3.9m2/roll), Weight = 3.6kg/m2
  • GreenLAG – 18mm, 1.3 x 5m (6.5m2/roll), Weight = 3.6kg/m2
  • GreenLAG – 25mm, 1.3 x 3m (3.9m2/roll), Weight = 5.0kg/m2
  • GreenLAG – 25mm, 1.3 x 5m (6.5m2/roll), Weight = 5.0kg/m2


GreenLAG® exceeds the acoustic requirements set out in the NCC 2019 (Ref. F5.6) for habitable & non-habitable rooms:

Exceeds Rw+Ctr 40 for habitable rooms

Exceeds Rw+Ctr 25 for non-habitable rooms


• Low VOC’s – less than that required for GreenStar rating of 0.5mg

• Flat foam GreenLAG is thinnest & lighter NCC* compliant Acoustic Pipe Lagging

• Flexible, easy to cut and install

• Non-toxic

• Cost effective = a SAVING of 12.7% when using Flat foam GreenLAG when compared to convoluted foam equivalent

• Proudly made in Australia


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