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  • Thermally-bonded polyester fibre insulation specifically designed to provide high performance sound absorption across a range of frequencies to reduce echo and reverberation. 
  • Made in a range of densities and thicknesses with fibre blends specifically engineered to provide maximum thermal and acoustic performance in many diverse commercial, residential, community and industrial applications.
  • This manufacturing process guarantees uniform resilience throughout the material.
  • Non‑irritant and does not require any protective clothing or masks during installation.

Fire Ratings

AS ISO 9705-2003

  • classification Group 1 ; (SMORGArc) <100m2/s2; as required by BCA C1.10; tested to AS ISO 9705 in accordance with AS 5637.1
  • ISO 9705 1993
  • classification Group 1-S; smoke production rate

Physical Description and Properties

Flash point: None allocated
Other properties: Non-allergenic, low irritant, low flame response, resilient
Ingredients: Organic, long chain synthetic polymer
Max service temp: 150˚C
Alkalinity: pH 7.8 (pH 7 is neutral)
Moisture absorption: Exposure to an atmosphere of 50˚C and 95% RH for four days gives moisture absorption of less than 0.2% by volume


Flow Resistivity 
Product 32kg/m3 48kg/m3 60kg/m3
MKS RAYL/M  7,994 14,693 21,008


QuietBatt is ideal for use behind perforated panelling and ceilings in sports halls, cinemas, studios, industrial enclosures, HVAC ducts, silencers or plant rooms.

QuietBatt can also be laid above suspended ceilings. QuietBatt is not suitable for fully exposed applications or where a decorative finish is required. 

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