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QuietWave® noise barrier isolates noise and dampens sound vibration increasing the sound transmission loss. QuietWave® viscoelastic noise barrier parallels the theoretical performance of the ideal limp mass barrier.

Fire Ratings

AS ISO 1503.4-2014

The fire resistance of QuietWave was tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 20 – 1987 and BS 476: Part 22 – 1987 and AS1530.4-2014

  • Integrity – no failure at 153 minutes
  • Insulation – 145 minutes


QuietWave acoustic plasterboard membrane functions as a constrained acoustic barrier when sandwiched between two x layers of plasterboard. Working in a shear effect, the noise energy passes through the first layer of plasterboard, comes in contact with the QuietWave membrane and spreads across the face on the membrane transforming this energy into heat. This in turn reduces the noise energy from continuing its transference through the next layer of plasterboard, thus increasing the acoustic noise transmission loss of the overall wall or ceiling system.


• Multi-residential walls and ceilings

• Retrofits

• High Confidentiality partition wall systems (for Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, etc)

• Commercial walls and ceilings

• Improving existing partition wall & ceiling performance

• Sole occupancy unit dividing walls

• Boardroom and office division walls

Wall Test results

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