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Listen up: Room acoustics matter

By March 4th, 2022Blog

You’ve spent money on the best audio equipment, you’re playing a favourite track – but it’s still not delivering that punch. It’s not the tech that’s the problem, it’s your room. Room acoustics matter far more than what you’re playing through what speakers.

In home music rooms, ‘small room acoustics’ can make or break the performance. Acoustica’s Cheops pyramid acoustic panels are a popular, inexpensive solution and not just for professionals. They’re an essential component of tuning a space.

Acoustica customer David recently installed Cheops in his home listening room.

“The music has come alive,” he told us. “It has physical depth and height, astonishing purity, expansive shape with each instrument and voice that’s literally ‘just there’. It has an expressiveness, that injects music straight into my emotions.”

Smaller acoustic spaces like listening rooms mean that the placement, characteristics and amount of absorption and diffusion is critical.

“My experience with Cheops has proven that there are incredible improvements that can be made to the music experience at home,” says David. “And at relatively little expense, by treating a room with dedicated acoustic products rather than spending more money on increasingly expensive audio components.”

The secret of Cheops performance is its pyramid design, which provides the greatest absorption area and captures reflected sound from all directions. Cheops is available in 14 standard colours and a custom colour option, for seamless and stylish home décor.

Discover what Cheops can do for your music collection. Download the brochure or call Acoustica on 1300 722 825.

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