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Sound insulation or fresh air?

By November 27th, 2023Blog

AEROPAC® sound insulated ventilators, direct fresh air into your home. Noise, pollen and fine dust are kept out. 

The worst noise sources.

Our environment has become louder, Measurably! The chief cause of audible environmental pollution is road traffic. This is followed by neighbourhood, aircraft and railway noise. In the past, people spoke of disturbance: today we know that noise can endanger our health. It can lead directly and indirectly to various reactions; lack of concentration, nervousness, raised stress hormones and blood pressure. These changes partially constitute classical risk factors for cardiovascular system diseases. There are, for this very reason, comprehensive regulations.

Fortunately, mankind has learned to optimise its environment technically. An excellent example of this is the new AEROPAC® sound insulated ventilator. The super quiet device supplies rooms with draught-free fresh air while holding the external noise back almost entirely. Just perfect for your bedroom!

Sound insulation or fresh air?

You can have both! Heavily insulated sound-insulating windows do indeed protect against noise, however, they intensify the problem with the supply of essential fresh air. Briefly ventilating via the window is not the solution, particularly at night.

With this, you are confronted with the dilemma: noise or air?

AEROPAC® is the correct solution here. The window can remain permanently closed so that you can sleep in peace. At the same time, the sound-insulated ventilator ensures a night of good sleep.

The AEROPAC® brings draught-free fresh air into the room and prevents an increase in CO2 concentration and protects against dangerous room exhalations. Furthermore, the humidity is regulated, preventing mildew from forming. The AEROPAC® is your guarantor for a healthy room climate.

This is all accomplished by a small device that runs as quiet as a whisper, uses as little energy as a television in standby mode, and is easy, fast and clean too. With its inconspicuous and contemporary design, the AEROPAC® blends in well with all furnishings and in every room: whether it be in the bedroom, children’s room, living room or even a school classroom.

Read more about the AEROPAC® from Acoustica below!

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