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Restaurant noise: After dinner fixes

By March 4th, 2022Blog

Is restaurant noise costing you customers? It’s frustrating to go into the most high-end restaurant only to find that it doesn’t quite fit the bill when it comes to noise levels.

Too often architects, interior designers, restaurateurs and developers seem to forget the importance of sound comfort in a social environment. Money is spent on the fanciest décor with no attention to the most important thing on the makeover menu – the restaurant acoustics.

Guests come to a restaurant or bar venue expecting to savour the whole experience. And that includes having a conversation that can be heard.

Ideally restaurant acoustics will be considered as part of the fit-out, so an appropriate acoustic solution can be designed within the budget. At Acoustica we get involved at the earliest stages, in the initial design and commissioning of the space, so we can find the best acoustic balance that enhances the ambience.

But if that doesn’t happen, it’s not a difficult issue to solve.

We specialise in acoustic after-fixes and have improved plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and hospitality spaces across Australia – no project is too small – where the noise levels are the talking point instead of the food.

We have a whole range of acoustic products that are easy and fast to install, and that work in harmony with restaurant space.

From beautiful wall art that absorbs sound to curtain backing, baffles and even your own custom-printed panels, we can instantly improve restaurant acoustics in the most stylish way possible. All customers will see is beautiful surfaces.

Case study: Solving diner noise in Sydney

The Acoustica team had an urgent call from a restaurant project in Sydney’s CBD. The restaurateur had spent millions on a beautiful fitout –without considering what would happen when the doors opened, the patrons came and the space was filled with noise.

Customer numbers had started to dwindle and we could quickly hear why. The background noise in the restaurant during lunch service at times exceeded 92dB – more than eight times as loud as a normal conversation, a noise level equivalent to a passing truck at 3 metres.

But it wasn’t just the interior noise that was a problem. The busy bus-filled city street outside hit 67dB levels too.

The solution was to install Acoustica’s sound baffles – an architectural product designed to harmonise with the design of the space which could effectively control inside noise and outside disturbance.

A relatively straightforward fix – but one which would have been easier had it been incorporated into the original design.

If you have a restaurant in sound need of acoustic help, talk to the Acoustica team on 1300 722 825. We’ll create the most cost-effective solution for your space with expert advice you can trust.

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